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Sturgeon in Orbit Theodore Sturgeon

Sturgeon in Orbit

Theodore Sturgeon

Published January 1st 1978
ISBN : 9780515044775
160 pages
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 About the Book 

The wife of a man forced to aid the (extra terrestrial) enemy never loses faith.A poisonous conspiracy threatens the progress of science and the future of humanity.A multi-faceted alien inhabits human bodies to innovate a solution for its species then sacrifices itself to save humanity from them.A strangely scorned lover hopes her lover to death.A scientist saves humanity from an alien horde by protecting all earths women in another dimension... to which he promptly loses the key.Confusing, misogynist, poorly written stories. A lot of times I want certain stories to continue or be further developed, but all these should have been abandoned during the first drafts--all are prefaced with thanks from the author to the editors who first accepted these stories for publication, a call I do not support. Not recommended.