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The Irony of Heidegger Andrew Haas

The Irony of Heidegger

Andrew Haas

Published March 7th 2008
ISBN : 9780826497963
192 pages
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 About the Book 

This important new book offers the first full-length interpretation of the thought of Martin Heidegger with respect to irony. In a radical reading of Heideggers major works (from Being and Time through the Rectors Address and the Letter on Humanism to The Origin of the Work of Art and the Spiegel interview), Andrew Haas does not claim that Heidegger is simply being ironic. Rather he argues that Heideggers writings make such an interpretation possible - perhaps even necessary.Heidegger begins Being and Time with a quote from Plato, a thinker famous for his insistence upon Socratic irony. The Irony of Heidegger takes seriously the apparently curious decision to introduce the threat of irony even as philosophy begins in earnest to raise the question of the meaning of being. Through a detailed and thorough reading of Heideggers major texts and the fundamental questions they raise, Haas reveals that one of the most important philosophers of the 20th century can be read with as much irony as earnestness. The Irony of Heidegger attempts to show that the essence of this irony lies in uncertainty, and that the entire project of onto-heno-chrono-phenomenology, therefore needs to be called into question.